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Somethin' to Write Home About: Dr. Cook to an Alumnus

An exhibit featuring letters from the Regional History Center Collections

Alice B. Ayers

Yearbook photopraph of Dora Alice Bardmas, later called Alice B. Ayers

1904 Norther yearbook

School Pin


Northern Illinois State Normal School pin 1899-1907 UA 11

Audio Visual Collection, UA 11, Series VI, Subseries A, Box 2, Pins and Rings

Ayers to Dr. Cook

January, 1909

Alice B. Ayers (Dora Alice Bardmas) contacted Dr. Cook and sent him her alumni dues along with a letter updating him on her life after graduation.  She wished that she could visit, but her work as a teacher in Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho has kept her very busy. The 13 children she teaches are well disciplined and the board of trustees granted her a raise. She and her husband get along well and he is prosperous in his job. Alice’s mother continues to teach despite her and her husband’s request to cease. She wishes Dr. Cook and the Northern Illinois State Normal School well.


Dr. Cook replied to Alice excited to hear that she was in good health and good spirits. He was pleased to read that she was able to balance her home life and work and would like the opportunity to be acquainted with her husband. He informs her that he had visited Idaho and searched a map for her place of residence.  He found that Alice lived far north in the state and he would not be able to visit. His nephew lives in Idaho as well as his granddaughter who teaches with another woman who graduated from N.I.S.N.S. He thought it was wise of Alice’s mother to keep her teaching job because of the sense of independence and occupation of time it gives to her.

President’s Papers






President's Papers, UA 4, Box 1B, Folder 8

Dr. Cook to Ayers

President's Papers, UA 4, Box 1B, Folder 8