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Somethin' to Write Home About: Away At School: Shimer College Seminary

An exhibit featuring letters from the Regional History Center Collections

Away At School

Notice that when contrasted with this letter, written 80 years later, the two carry much the same tone.  The themes of school work, food, and friends would not be uncommon in a modern student’s correspondence home in an email.

Art Class at Shimer College

Women in art class, Mt. Carroll Seminary c. 1895.

Shimer College Collection.  RC 77, Box 16.

Away At School: Shimer College Seminary

January 31, 1865

A 1865 Shimer College student writes to her sister from Mount Carroll about life at the seminary.  She is quick to note the strictness of the school, explaining that she was not allowed to go visit a male friend.  She also discusses her roommates, the types of food served, and news from home that had been passed along to her.   

Shimer College Collection.  RC 77, Box 3, Folder 5.