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HuskieSearch Help: Course Reserves

Provides helpful tips and hints for using Huskie Search and Library Services.

Course Reserves

Course reserves provide controlled access to limited portions of materials that are essential to a course and/or may be in high demand. Print reserve items can be confirmed in HuskieSearch - see below. 

Finding Print Reserve Items in HuskieSearch

On the library's home page, the default search, “Library Catalog” searches for books in the library.  However, we want to look only for items on reserve for a class, so we’ll change the menu next to the search bar from “Li-brary Catalog” to “Course Reserves.” 


To search for items we can either type in the title of a book, or, as in this example, we’ll type in the name of the subject, Management.  After typing “Management” into the search box, click on the search icon.


On the results page, to limit the results to only those materials on reserve for Management 346, click on the Course Name filter on the left side of the screen. Click on the name of your course to view the textbook record.


In the course record under the title, note the status and location of the book. Available means it can be checked out, and it is located in the Reserves Collection at Founders Memorial Library.  Be sure to write down the title and the call number.



Go to the Reserves Desk on the first floor of the library to ask for the book (it will be helpful to give them the title and call number).  You can check the book out with your OneCard.

Course Reserves Video