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Basic Legal Research

About this Guide

This guide is intended to be a quick reference to selected content from your Basic Legal Research coursepack, to assist you in course content review and completing your assignments. 

Important things to remember when using this guide:

  • This guide is not intended to replace your coursepack, which contains additional information essential to your success in this course.
  • Not all information in your coursepack is in this guide. In particular, some online legal services contain proprietary information which cannot be displayed on this Libguide. For more information on how to use the online legal services effectively, see your Basic Legal Research coursepack and/or your course's Blackboard page.
  • Some information may not be presented in the exact same order as it is in your coursepack.

Specific course information and assignments can be accessed through your course's Blackboard page.


The content in this guide is derived from the work of Professor Therese Clarke Arado, who has written and updated the print Basic Legal Research coursepacks for each semester for many years.

Essential Accounts for 1Ls

Important1LS: Remember to sign in and activate your accounts on the following services as soon as possible, using the information given to you at Orientation:

  • Bloomberg Law
  • Lexis Advance
  • Westlaw

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