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Music Library: Zoom Am7

Zoom Am7 microphone with small tripod

Am7 microphone closeup

What's in the case

  • Zoom Am7
  • Windscreen
  • Phone tripod
Music Library tech
items to use with it


The Zoom Am7 Rotating Mid-side Stereo Capsule equips your Android device for vibrant, high-quality stereo recordings. Whether you’re recording your music, capturing field recordings, or producing a video podcast, the Am7 delivers premium sound quality and exceptional control over the stereo field. Sweetwater is pleased to report the Am7 works with practically any audio or video recording app, and it offers latency-free recording when used with the Zoom Handy Recorder app. If you’ve been seeking studio quality stereo recording with your Android device, the Zoom Am7 Rotating Mid-side Stereo Capsule is your solution. Also available with a small tripod included in the carrying case.



  • USB-C stereo microphone for Android devices
  • Works with any audio or video recording app
  • Latency-free monitoring when used with the Zoom Handy Recorder app
  • 3-way stereo mode switch selects from 90°, 120°, and mid-side stereo modes
  • Ideal for music recording, video podcasts, and field recording


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Free option:
Zoom's HandyShare app:
Windows or Mac

How to:
*** The Am7 and the iQ7 function the same way ***

How it fits in the case