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West Coast Poverty Center-Created in October 2005 at the University of Washington as one of three national centers monitoring poverty on a regional scale, the Center offers analysis of poverty in the west coast region using the factors of labor markets, demographics, family and inequality.

Dictionaries of the Social Sciences

Online Dictionary of the Social Sciences- a good basic tool produced by Athabasca University, Canada's open university.


General Web Resources

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Professional Associations

Social Justice

  • Eurobarometer: Public Opinion in the European Union
  • Hunger in America 2006
  • Making of America - The Making of America begins a digital library, created by the University of Michigan in cooperation with Cornell University and supported by the Mellon Foundation. The University of Michigan scanned 1,600 books and ten journals from their own library. This site is easy to navigate and has advanced features such as three search modes (Boolean, proximate words, and a regular index structured by author, title, and subject).
  • Migration Policy Institute - Migration data from around the world. Generate tables, create graphs, follow trends. Find out who is going where and how migration is shaping social, political, demographic, and economic futures country by country.
  • Pew Global Attitudes Project
  • Pew Internet and American Life Project
  • Poverty : Data from the World Bank - A World Bank web site developed to provide resources for people and organizations working to understand and alleviate poverty. Cultural factors generating and maintaining poverty, analysis of its social impact and strategies for its limitation and reduction are profiled.
  • Research Resources in Social Sciences - The site is well organized into 18 different categories, including general resources, reference materials, data archives, and news resources. Each category provides links to web sites including e-journals, listservs, and full-text resources. Another useful category, "Aggressive Pattern Searches," provides links to information about searching the web, effective search strategies, and guides to using Internet search engines.
  • SeniorNet
  • Social Psychology Network - This site's main menu provides links in three broad categories: social psychology, general psychology, and Wesleyan University (the home of the site). Under social psychology, one will find links to a wide variety of topics such as prejudice and discrimination, social influence, and interpersonal relationships. General psychology links include sites offering useful information about psychology as a career, various professional organizations, rankings of graduate programs in psychology, Internet research tools, and sources of funding for research.
  • Sociometrics
  • SocioSite - Social Science Information System based at the University of Amsterdam
  • Socnet - "World index of sociology courses wholly or in part on the Internet"
  • Southern Poverty Law Center - The Southern Poverty Law Center was founded a quarter of a century ago for the purpose of winning equal rights for minorities and poor people through legal action. Today the Center continues to pursue action against those who would attack the freedoms of others, while also promoting tolerance, understanding, and justice through education and publicity. This site is well organized and leads the user to a wealth of material related to civil rights and civil liberties.
  • SSRN: Social Science Research Network
  • State of World Population 2008
  • The ARDA: Association of Religion Data Archives
  • The Mead Project: Foundational Documents in Sociological Social Psychology
  • The Rise of New Immigrant Gateways - [pdf]
  • The SocioWeb: A Sociological Resource Center - A guide to twelve types of data, including surveys and statistics, electronic journals in sociology, professional associations, and "topical research."

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