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Preservation at Northern: Home

This guide provides links and materials regarding collection preservation and repairs at NIU's University Libraries.

Preservation at Northern Illinois University

Founders Memorial Library

Preservation at Northern Illinois University

Northern Illinois University maintains its extensive collection in a number of ways. When materials are too damaged to circulate, or otherwise use in their normal fashion, they may be sent for evaluation and repair with Technical Services. While University Libraries does not have a fully dedicated preservation department, Technical Services is able to carry out many types of basic repairs to extend to useful life of many items.

This guide serves as an overview of the types of preservation done at Founder's Memorial Library, as well as a resource for employees making decisions about preservation work. The guide will contain external resources for how to carry out certain preservation procedures, educational videos, important contacts, and workflow guides.

This guide will not contain any and all information about book preservation as a discipline, but is tailored for use by employees at NIU's University Libraries.