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Federal Legal Websites: President & Administration

President & Administration

White House - Contains biographical information on the President and Vice President, government and economic statistics, press releases, federal, government information and services, history and virtual tours, and documents, speeches, and photos.

Presidential Documents - a LibGuide created by the Federal Depository Library Program that includes information about offices under the Office of the President, Presidential history and Presidential libraries, museums, monuments and historic sites.

  • CFR - (FDsys) Searchable database of regulations with some titles going back to 1996
  • e-CFR - (Cornell) Searchable database of regulations
  • Federal Register - (FDsys) Searchable database of Federal Registers going back to 1995
  • List of CFR Sections Affected - (FDsys) Searchable database of LSAs going back to 1997

Federal Agencies

Key to Federal Agency abbreviations (for tabs above)

  • Agriculture, Department of: USDA
  • Commerce, Department of: DOC
  • Defense, Department of: DOD
  • Education, Department of: DOED
  • Energy, Department of: DOE
  • Health & Human Services, Department of: HHS
  • Homeland Security, Department of: DHS
  • Housing & Urban Development, Department of: HUD
  • Interior, Department of the: DOI
  • Justice, Department of: DOJ
  • Labor, Department of: DOL
  • State, Department of: State
  • Transportation, Department of: DOT
  • Treasury, Department of the: Treas
  • Veterans' Affairs, Department of: VA

Department of Commerce - Calendar of happenings, speeches, press releases, publications, and links to online information servers

Department of Defense - Contains news and information on organizations, the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National Guard, branches of the armed forces, publications, and more

Department of Education - Contains information on the mission, goals, programs and services, news, publications, financial aid and grants

Department of Housing and Urban Development - Contains information for and about communities, home buying and renting, fair housing, forms and schedules, and links to downloadable documents

Department of Veterans Affairs - Contains a benefits manual, press releases, special programs, organizational and statistical data, and links to other veterans sites

Military and Veteran Resources - A LibGuide created by the Federal Depository Library Program covering educational, health/wellness, employment and other resources available to veterans.

Independent Agencies

Key to Independent Agency abbreviations (for tabs above)

  • Environmental Protection Agency: EPA
  • Federal Communications Commission: FCC
  • Federal Trade Commission: FTC
  • Securities & Exchange Commission: SEC
  • Social Security Administration: SSA

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) - Contains news releases, commission actions, speeches, consumer information, federal register documents, and information on the FTC and how it brings an action

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