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Deeds not Words: Women and the Vote: The Nineteenth Amendment

Digital Exhibit on Women's Suffrage & Voting

The Nineteenth Amendment: A Timeline

Nineteenth Amendment Timeline. Adapted from Woman Suffrage Timeline (1840-1920).

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The Nineteenth Amendment

19th Amendment Centennial Commemoration: David S. Ferriero and Debra Wall

David S. Ferriero, Archivist of the United States, and Debra Wall, Deputy Archivist of the United States, discuss the important records related to women’s suffrage that can be found in the National Archives, remember that the fight for voting rights didn’t end with the 19th Amendment, and reflect on the political activism of the early suffragists.

Illinois & the Nineteenth Amendment

Illinois Suffrage Act (1913), Office of the Illinois Secretary of State.

Illinois and the 19th Amendment, National Park Service.

Northern Illinois & The Women's Vote

Suffragists in front of Williston Hall at NIU, ca. 1916

Voting Resources for 2020

Woman Suffrage Organizations & Events