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Free, Open, and Affordable Resources: LibreTexts


Through August 2024, Northern Illinois University has an institutional account to LibreTexts, an Open Education Resource (OER) platform that, in addition to hosting open textbooks and learning objects, allows users to adapt and create course materials for free. The platform provides a location to gather, design, write, and share course materials. Those teaching courses can register for an instructor account. This guide provides information and links to resources and tutorials to help you plan and complete your OER project. 

For questions about LibreText, contact CARLI support at

To Get Started

Request an instructor account from LibreTexts.

  1. Select Login or register with Email.
  2. Then click on Register for an account.
  3. Complete the form. Be sure to use your NIU email.

User Sandbox

  1. When you log in with your instructor's account, a Sandbox will be created for you.
  2. Access the sandbox by clicking your username and selecting "Sandbox." Note that the content of your sandbox is not publicly viewable.
  3. Once in your Sandbox click on "TestBox" to begin creating your OER project. 

Creating an New Book, Chapter, or Page

  1. Once you go to your Sandbox TestBox the black bar will have Edit, New and Options buttons.
  2. Click “New” and then select “Book/Unit” to begin creating your OER and give it a title.
  3. Follow the same process to create a new "chapter" and a "page" in your OER. 

For additional information about creating a new book, chapter, or page, check out the Quick Start Guide


Links and Resources