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Free, Open, and Affordable Resources: Subject-Specific Resources

Open Textbooks in Specific Disciplines

To assist faculty in their search for open textbooks, NIU Subject-Specialist Librarians have put together lists of potential titles that may be appropriate for courses currently taught in the departments across campus. Be advised that 

  • These lists are not exhaustive
  • These lists are fluid and will be edited as new, updated, or better materials become available
  • Not all disciplines or subjects are represented, but when materials for these fields become available, they will be added to the guide
  • NIU Libraries does not endorse any of the titles; quality and appropriateness of these texts can only be determined by the faculty member of record

Find open textbook titles in your discipline by using the drop down menu on the Subject/Discipline Specific Resources tab.

If you would like to recommend an open textbook in your discipline, please contact your subject-specialist librarian or click on the link in the box in the right-column to submit your recommendation to the Course Materials Affordability Task Force.

Recommend a Free, Open, or Low-Cost Resource