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Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations (EPFE, EPS, LEBM, LEEA): Articles and Databases

This guide helps you get started with your research in the Leadeship, Educational Psychology and Foundations subject areas.

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Recommended Databases for LEPF

Related Article Databases for LEPF

Education Resources

Social Science Resources

Interdisciplinary Resources

General Search Engines and Databases

Streaming Video Library Databases

Using ERIC (via EBSCO)

Getting to Know PsycINFO

Database Search Tips

infographic of tips as described below

ALT Text: A search for “blended learning” will contain results with blended and learning beside each other. A search for wom?n will include results like woman, women, and womyn. A search for academ* will contain results with different endings like academic, academics, academy. A search for creative N2 thinking will include test with creative and thinking within 2 words of each other.

Google Scholar Search Tips


ALT Text: In Google Scholar, default search looks for keywords in the citation, abstract, and full text, if available. Use a minus immediately before a search term you want to exclude from your results. Typing “intitle” and a colon before a word will find results with your search term in the title. Typing “author” and a colon before a name will find results with your search term as the author. Typing quotation marks around a phrase will find results for an exact phrase. Try selecting “Advanced Search” from the pull down menu in Google Scholar.