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Medieval Manuscript Leaves: Bible, Paris

This guide provides information about the eight Medieval Manuscript Leaves held by NIU Libraries Rare Book Room.

Catalogue Description

15. A LEAF WITH AN HISTORIATED INITIAL, FROM A BIBLE IN LATIN. TEXT FROM THE OPENING OF ECCLESIASTICUS. (Paris, 13th century) 6 x 4". Double column, 44 lines written in a neat, tiny gothic book hand, text partly in red. One chapter initial in red and blue and WITH A FINE-FIVE DECORATED "M" in several rich colors and gold paint AND A VERY FINE SIX-LINE HISTORIATED "O" in the same colors and gold SHOWING SOLOMON seated on a golden throne and holding a large chalice. 

Minor soling in bottom margin, otherwise IN VERY FINE CONDITION.

-- -- Phillip J. Pirages Fine Books and Manuscripts. “15. A LEAF WITH AN HISTORIATED INITIAL, FROM A BIBLE IN LATIN.” Phillip J. Pirages Catalogue 47, 1992.

Bible Old Testament, Paris, Lavish Lettering


This 13th century leaf, from a Latin Bible produced in Paris, is roughly contemporary to the the PREVIOUS PAGE SAY THIS CORRECTLY --but was likely slightly more expensive, since it is bigger, and features historiated (initials with pictures in them that usually relate to the text) and illuminated (decorated with gold or silver leaf) initials. This leaf has pen flourishing on the recto and the verso has an illuminated initial in the first column and a historiated initial depicting King Solomon (NOT AT ALL CLEAR) in the letter "O" in the second column. The passage is primarily drawn from the Book of Wisdom with the historiated initial opening of the book of Ecclesiasticus.