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FDLP logoThe Government Publication Department has been a depository for U.S. federal government publications and Illinois documents since 1960 and 1962, respectively. Over the years we have added to our collection many volumes published before that time.  We also have a sizeable United Nations and League of Nations collection.  Our office, along with most of our collections, are located on the second floor of Founders Memorial Library. Our office is Room 245.

Government Information Focus: Census

Census: more information

Chart of race and ethnicity categories used by the Census Bureau over time.The interactive chart, Measuring Race and Ethnicity Across the Decades: 1790-2010, explores categories and definitions used for the decennial United States censuses.

Census: Apportionment

Historical apportionment map of changes in 1950 northeastern US.

Every 10 years the Census population counts are used to determine how to distribute seats in the United States House of Representatives among the 50 states. In 1913 the number of representatives was capped at 435. With no seats being added as the total population grows, some states gain seats while other states lose seats in the House. The following resources cover apportionment as it relates to the Census.

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