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The National Academies recently hosted two webinars on the subject of COVID-19 and Health Equity — Serving the Underserved, Poorly Served, and Never Served. The press release quotes Stephen Thomas, director of Maryland's Center for Health Equity:

"Early data has showed black and Latino populations make up the majority of coronavirus-related deaths in cities including New York City, Chicago, and New Orleans. Often, they are already entering the health care system at a disadvantage — whether because of underlying chronic conditions, or due to fear that wearing a mask will incite racial profiling. ...Some chronic conditions that increase one’s risk for COVID-19 complications — such as diabetes, obesity, and asthma — stem from a long legacy of housing segregation, which has placed black and brown communities in the midst of food deserts and poor air quality."

The feature story describes the webinars which are available to view here, and here.  Also cited in the press release Children's environmental health disparities: Black and African American Children and Asthma. [PDF]


The Census Bureau has created two new experimental surveys to study the effects of COVID-19 on households and small business:


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