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General Law-Related Websites: Home

General Legal Websites

  • American Bar Association - Contains information about the structure, history, and governance of the association, sections, divisions, and forums, member benefits, application forms, the ABA Journal, events and education opportunities, links to other law sites and more
  • Cornell University's Legal Information Institute - Contains information on commercial transactions, property law, environmental law, intellectual property, tax law, constitutional law, family law, employment law, tort law, criminal law, procedural law, administrative law, international law, links to other legal web sites and more
  • Emory University's Law Library Electronic Reference Desk - Allows searching law by country or subject, contains career information, information on legal journals, law firms, and lawyers, contains suggested law links, and more
  • FindLaw - A comprehensive full-text resource that includes Federal and State cases, statutes, and administrative regulations. This site also includes links to web sites of state bar associations, law schools and government agencies.
  • Google Scholar -  free service that provides indexing of tens of thousands of scholarly articles and books. It includes many books in full-text from Google Books. Both federal and state case law is also available in full-text.
  • Jurist: The Legal Education Network - Gateway to authoritative legal information, instruction and scholarship online. It is hosted in the U.S. by the University of Pittsburgh School of Law with international affiliates at the Cambridge University Faculty of Law in the United Kingdom, the University of Toronto Faculty of Law in Canada, and Macquarie University Division of Law in Sydney, Australia.
  • Law Library of Congress - Provides links to online sources of domestic, foreign, and international law.
  • Martindale-Hubbell - Search for lawyers and law firms
  • Washburn University - Contains information on commercial law, directories, experts and consultants, federal law, federal documents, international law, Kansas law, legal jobs, legal journals, law library catalogs, lawyer referrals, legal forms, legal organizations, law electronic mailing lists, legal reference material, state law, administrative law, ADR, anti-trust law, aviation law, procedural law, comparative law, constitutional law, conflicts of laws, contracts, debtor-creditor, tort law, property law, trusts and estates law, elder law, employment law, environmental law, family law, human rights, immigration law, insurance law, intellectual property, entertainment and sports law, media law, remedies, securities, and more.

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