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Environmental Studies: SciFinder-n Registration


Northern Illinois Unversity  now has access to SciFindern

If you were registered for SciFinder Scholar you can use your user name and password to access SciFindern.  You do not need to register again. 

If  this is your first time using SciFindern you will need to register first.

You may create your own username and password you do not need to use or campus ID and password.  If you do use your campus ID and password, please remember that the password will not automatically change when your are required to change your password for NIU.   

You must use your campus e-mail when registering or your registration will not be accepted.

Step 1

Click on the link "requires registration "in the description of the database.


Alternative Name(s) & Keywords: SciFinder, SciFinder n, SciFinder Scholar

A bibliographic database containing citations from Chemical Abstracts (1907 to present), MEDLINE (1958 to present), and Methods Now. Tools available include PatentPak, Predictive Retrosynthesis, and BLAST for protein and nucleotide searching. Journals, patents, conference proceedings, dissertations, and technical reports are among the types of records provided. The Registry database (1947 to present) provides access to descriptions of specific chemical substances, structure diagrams, names, molecular formulas, and more. The new web based version of SciFindern requires registration. Two important points to keep in mind concerning registration:

  1. The proprietors of the database require an email address that contains the "" domain.
  2. Any other type of email address will be rejected.

Step 2

Click on Next.

Step 3

Please click on Accept.

Step 4

Fill out form and click on the button that says "Register."

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