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Data Visualization: Home

What is Data Visualization?

Data visualization is the method of using analytics to consolidate data into one collective, illustrative graphic. Having the ability to visually represent a data-set allows for greater exploration of patterns in the data and the ability to communicate important aspects of the data in a concise, easy to understand format.  

Global Environment Indicators (1990-2005)


From Visually.

Visualization Types

Data-sets are very diverse, each requiring a specific type of visualization to make sense of its data. The different types of visualizations can be categorized into:

  • Time-series
  • Statistical Distributions
  • Maps
  • Hierarchies
  • Networks

"A Tour Through the Visualization Zoo" provides a synopis of the multiple visualization types the fit within each of these categories.

Visualization Inspiration

David McCandless is a data journalist and information designer and the creator of the blog Information is Beautiful. Below is his TED talk on data visualization.

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