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Due to the pandemic and the onset of increased online teaching, the library has seen greatly increased requests for streaming media purchases (Kanopy, Swank, Alexander Street Press, and other sources). These items are often significantly more expensive than purchasing a DVD, and normally provide only a limited time license rather than permanent access (as with a DVD). We certainly recognize the utility of providing online access whenever and wherever students want it. However, we must balance that with fiscal prudence and accountability. The library has a limited budget to spend on materials.

Streaming media purchases should be restricted to items required for all students in a course to view. We will not purchase items at the request of students; the instructor must make the request. If a film required for a course is available online for no charge or is available for a small fee through a platform like Amazon, we ask that you use those sources rather than asking the library to purchase. Video materials required for class are like textbooks in that students may be expected to supply some of their own, especially if they are low cost. If you have used a streaming media resource in previous years, please check with us at to see if it is still available and for how long. We do not automatically renew the licenses of all items. We can provide usage statistics if you would like to know how many people have watched a title. Your library subject specialist can help evaluate the variety of media resources available for your courses; see for a list of subject specialists.




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