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Sometimes We Must Interfere: Video Clips

Activism in Northern Illinois

History of Labor Day

Company Towns

DAARE and No Nukes

Connection between Nuclear Power and Utilities

The History of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Proliferation Outside the United States


Student Protest Table

Nuclear Power Plants: How They Affect DeKalb and Illinois

Role of Government in Nuclear Energy Research

Union Hardship

Labor Song

Union Busting and Company Intimidation

Hazards of Nuclear Waste

Roman Protest


Selected video clips are from the RC 147 People for Public Access Incorporated Collection and the UA 11 Audio Visual Collection held by the Regional History Center. 

This exhibit was created by the staff of the Regional History Center, a unique component of the Northern Illinois University’s commitment to education, research, and public service.The Center’s goal is to acquire, preserve, and make available to the public the most significant historical records of the northern Illinois region.  The Center actively collects historical material from the 18 northernmost counties of Illinois, excluding Cook.  Since 1964 the Center has evolved from a small university archive to a multifaceted research center containing three related sets of historical records available to researchers: Regional Collections, University Archives, and Local Governmental Records.