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World Languages & Cultures: Web Resources

This guide will help you get started on your research in World Languages.

Links to Selected Subject Appropriate Web Resources


  • Literature and Culture of Francophone Africa and the Diaspora -  This bilingual site features selected internet resources on primarily Francophone African & Diasporic cultural expression.  Here, users can access annotated description of web site dedicated to literature, theater, music, dance, the visual arts & cinema, as well as sties whose focus is rather the sociocultural context in which such artistic creation occurs.  Also featured are links to African/Africana studies programs & resources around the world.
  • WESSWEB: French Studies Web - Covering not only France but the Francophone regions of Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland, this site specializes in scholarly resources in French Studies. Free text searching is available, and some entries are annotated. Twelve subject areas are included, as well as links to library catalogs, dictionaries and directories, scholarly conferences and newspapers.
  • Electronic Text Collections in Western European Literature - A generic literature site maintained by the Western European Studies section of the Association of College and Research Libraries.

French Databases

  • Athena
  • la France en Amérique/ France in America
  • Roman de la Rose Digital Library
  • The ARTFL Project - "Nearly 2000 texts, ranging from classic works of French literature to various kinds of non-fiction prose and technical writing. The eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries are equally represented, with a selection of medieval, Renaissance and seventeenth-century works as well. Genres covered include novels, verse, journalism and essays."
  • Gallica - An experimental site based at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, offering access to 100,000 books and 300,000 images.
  • French Collection at the University of Virginia - "Full texts of the major works of Balzac, Baudelaire, Chartier, Corneille, Descartes, Fontenelle, Guillaume de Loris, Mallarme, de Maupassant, Moliere, Navarre, Gerard de Nerval, Rabelais, Racine, Rousseau, Stendhal, Jules Verne, Voltaire, and Emile Zola"

German Literature

German Magazines and Newspapers


Russian-Internet Resources

Russian Scholarly and Popular Press

  • National News Service
  • Itar-Tass Express
  • RIA Novosti (Russian Information Agency) - A gateway to seven newsletters-a daily news hotline, the Daily Review, Military News Bulletin, News of Science and Technology, Privatisation in Russia, Russian Executive and Legislative Newsletter (excellent for tracking activity in the State Duma), Arctic Voice (information about the problems of the Arctic Regions and the ethnic groups which live there) and Economy and Business.

Spanish Newspapers and Periodicals

Spanish Electronic Texts

  • Spanish Literature - Detailed and varied, this site offers selected comedies from the major dramatists of the Siglo del Oro, an essay collection covering the fourteenth to twentieth centuries, full texts of La Celestina and Don Quijote (with a link to the Projects Cervantes), and a link to the Textos Lemir site. Part of a more general listing compiled by the Western European panelists section of the Association of College and Research Libraries.
  • Textos LEMIR: Textos de Literaria Espanola Medieval y del Renacimiento - Devoted to spanish literature of the medieval ages and the renaissance, this project offers the complete text of eight books and theatre works, at present, chiefly from the sixteenth century.