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Nutrition: Citation Help

JAND Citation Style

The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (JAND) citation style provides the rules for formatting academic works in the field of nutrition. JAND follows the AMA Manual of Style, 11th ed, for references and citations.

General Rules (from UIC Library's One Page AMA 11th ed Handout)

  • References are listed numerically in the order they are cited in the text. Two references should not be combined under a single reference number.
  • Use the author's surname followed by initials without periods or spaces. The names of all authors should be given unless there are more than 6, in which case the names of the first 3 authors are used, followed by “et al.” Do not use "and" between names.
  • Abbreviate and italicize names of journals. Use initial capital letters. Abbreviate according to the listing in the NLM Catalog: Journals Referenced in NCBI Databases
  • In article titles, capitalize only the first letter of the first word, proper names, and abbreviations that are ordinarily capitalized in the reference. 


Citation Management Systems

Citation managers help you:

  • Add citation information (including full-text) from library databases, websites, computer files, or manually
  • Automatically create individual citations or entire bibliographies in multiple citation styles
  • Insert in-text citations in your word processor
  • Annotate sources
  • Collaborate with others by sharing sources or citations

Popular Citation Managers


Endnote Basic


Questions about reference managers?