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Government Publications: United Nations

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The United Nations

United Nations — This is the United Nations' homepage. You can search here for General Assembly and Security Council resolutions.

Official Document System of the United Nations — This is the best site to search for full text United Nations records, resolutions, and other select publications.

Dag Hammarskjöld Library — offers a range of resources on the United Nations including voting records for the UN General Assembly (from 1983 to the present), and the Security Council (1946 to the present), with links to full text of resolutions. Also includes an index to proceedings of various bodies within the United Nations system.

UNData — a wealth of data from a range of statistical sources such as the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics, Demographic Yearbooks, State of the World's Children, and International Financial Statistics. Topics covered include crime, environment, health, human development, and labor. Browse sources and datasets or search.

UN Resources A to Z — "This guide provides an overview of the wide variety of information and documentation resources made available by various entities across the United Nations System."

Eighteen Nation Committee on Disarmament — 1962 conference established to promote dialogue between the US and the Soviet Union. The University of Michigan hosts this digitized collection.

Electronic Information System for International Law — an effort to bring together “the highest quality primary materials, authoritative web sites and helpful research guides to international law on the Internet.” This directory was created by the American Society of International Law.

Human Development Report — from the United Nations Development Program, this annual report looks at problems facing developing countries, such as poverty, education, sanitation, nutrition, crime, environmental degradation, HIV/AIDS, refugees and development aid. Also includes regional and country reports focusing on the same issues. Choose a year, global, regional or national report and topics from right side drop-down lists.

Human Rights in the World — The front page of this web site includes a map of the world, organized by region and a list of member states, and the date they joined the United Nations. The name of each country on the list is a link to a page for that country. Each country page lists recent reports and observations from UN representatives who have visited that country, and information on the status of the country's action on human rights-related treaties.

International Humanitarian Law (Treaty Database) — a collection of treaties related to humanitarian law, hosted by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

International Justice Statistics — from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, this site includes links to the UN data collection, UN participating research institutes, and foreign governments statistical reporting agencies on justice, public safety and law.

Research Guide to League of Nations Documents and Publications — Describes the organization of League of Nations documentation, includes an annotated bibliography.

Reports — from the US State Department, this page includes such reports as Voting Practices in the United Nations. This report is an assessment of voting practices of member nations in the United Nations. The other annual reports linked from this page are United States Participation in the United Nations, and U.S. Contributions to International Organizations.

UN Multimedia — This site provides an array of services produced by the United Nations. Among them are radio webcasts, a photo library which includes a UN pictorial history from the League of Nations era to the present, UN produced TV programs, and a catalog of videos available for broadcast.

World Drug Report — from the United Nations, this resource presents statistics on production and distribution of illicit substances.

Yearbook of the United Nations — browse an on-line collection of the UN Yearbook from 1946-47 to the second most recent edition. Each volume describes in detail the work of the UN for a given year. Chapters are browsable as PDF documents. The latest edition of the yearbook is not available online, but can be found in print at the Library. There is a time delay in publication for this title, usually, of 3-4 years.

Emblem of the United Nations