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Searching for Ebooks in HuskieSearch

To find ebooks in HuskieSearch, select "E-BOOKS" from the dropdown menu:

Screenshot of search box and a red drop down menu, with attention directed toward EBOOKS using a small blue arrow.

Type a keyword, author name, or title in the search bar, and then click the magnifying glass at the right to search.

Screenshot of the word "otters" typed into a search box. A small blue arrow at the far left is indicating the patron should click on the red square containing an image of a magnifying class to search for "otters."

Ask Before you Assign

Library-licensed ebooks can be a great alternative to high-priced course materials, but not all ebook licenses allow for unlimited users. Before deciding whether to adopt an ebook, reach out to your Specialist-Specialist Librarian to find out if a particular ebook will meet your course's needs.

Ebook Collections available to NIU Users