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Government Publications: Web resources

We are the main source to help you find government information in print and online

Core web resources — This government sponsored search covers municipal, state and federal government sites, as well as .mil (military, US Department of Defense) websites.

Browse a listing of e-journals — Here you can browse an alphabetic list of over 600 journals published by the U.S. government. This is available through the University Libraries electronic journals list. From this page you may also search for government journals (or serials), by entering part of the title in the title box and then choosing 'US Government Documents' from the vendors list. If you search by title, be sure to note the options for title 'starts with', 'contains' or 'exact match.' One other useful aspect of this listing is that you can narrow the listing of e-journals by selecting a general category such as 'agricultural sciences' or 'health sciences' without entering search terms. This will present a list of all the US government e-journals in the database, for that category. 

Catalog of Government Publications — from the US Government Publishing Office, provides an index to print and electronic publications created by Federal agencies. The database covers from 1976 to the present. One new aspect of the search is that it also covers a growing number of older, print titles that have been scanned and are now available as full-text electronic documents. Please use the browse search if you have a specific title you wish to find. -- is the official source for following congressional activity. Here you can follow legislation as it moves through the House and Senate, lookup committee and member profiles, watch video from the House and Senate floor, as well as video of committee hearings. This site links to authenticated versions of bills, committee reports, and the Congressional Record, which are available from Govinfo .

Govinfo — The primary source for US government electronic information. Govinfo provides free public access to official publications of all three branches of the federal government: executive, legislative and judicial branches.  These documents are arranged into collections. The advanced search is very helpful because you can narrow your search to a specific collection, such as the Congressional Record, or Compilation of Presidential Documents and specify a date or range of dates. Govinfo also includes a browse feature where you can browse by alphabetic order, category, date, congressional committee or author.

MetaLib | GPO — This site searches across multiple government databases including GPO's own catalog, PubMed, Index to Military Periodicals, National Agricultural Library, databases at the departments of Energy, Education, EPA, US Geological Survey among others. Target your search to a specific resource or search across many. Provides full-text articles where available.

ProQuest Congressional [NIU subscription] — Formerly Lexis-Nexis Congressional, this database indexes publications of Congress from 1789 to the present. Included are: leglislative histories for laws from 1970 to the present, bill-tracking for current legislation, and full-text for most current material such as hearings and committee reports on a given bill. This site also covers individual members of Congress through their voting records, financial disclosures as well as campaign contributions from individuals and political action committees.

ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the United States Online Edition [NIU subscription]  — the new database is a replacement of the venerable federal publication Statistical Abstract of the United States (published from 1878 to 2012). The latter is updated monthly, as opposed to annually, and offers a comprehensive statistical summary of the social, political, and economic organization of the United States. The database comprehends more than 1,400 statistical tables derived from approximately 400 separate sources.

U.S. Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1994 (with) American State Papers 1789-1838 [NIU subscription]The Serial Set  “offers an unparalleled view of the activities of the United States federal government from the founding of the Republic through most of the twentieth century”[NIU description]. This series provides an in-depth record of US history from the government's perspective, covering a broad range of topics. This electronic version of the Serial Set also includes a browseable map collection. The American State Papers cover the period from the Revolutionary War to the 1830's.