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Government Publications: US Gov't.

We are the main source to help you find government information in print and online

Branches of Government

The White House — Current policy, press briefings, photos and videos from the President and his staff. (Executive Branch)

Supreme Court — Web site for the high court. includes information about cases on the docket, oral arguments, and provides the text for decisions from 2002 to the present. (Judicial Branch) is the official source for following congressional activity. Here you can follow legislation as it moves through the House and Senate, lookup committee and member profiles, watch video from the House and Senate floor, as well as video of committee hearings. This site links to authenticated versions of bills, committee reports, and the Congressional Record, which are available from the Government Printing Office site, Govinfo.

United States House of Representatives — includes links to Representatives websites, and Committee websites, Congressional schedule information, vote information and information on legislation before the House.

United States Senate — links to Senators and Committee websites, and information on Legislation and Records, nominations and treaties. Other resources include the Virtual Reference Desk, and a guide on how to find the Congressional Record either in print, or online.

(The House and Senate combined represent the Legislative Branch of the US Government.)

United States Government Manual — is the official handbook of the federal government. This version is continuously updated, so that the information is current. The Manual provides an organizational chart of the U.S. government and for each agency, it includes a description, lists the personnel and cites the legislation that initially created the agency. For cabinet level departments, the manual includes an organizational chart for that department. For members of Congress only their name, State/Territory/District that they represent, and their room number, are given. Includes links to the House and Senate websites.

For more resources related to each branch, please use the pull down menu above, on the US Government tab.

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