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Music Library: Reserves during Covid

Reserves during Covid

Due to the pandemic, we cannot offer our Reserve materials in the same way as usual.  All materials will still be accessible to both faculty and students, just in a different way.  Faculty will have the opportunity to request course materials to be scanned and put onto a password protected LibGuide.  Students will be able to request digitization for any Reserve item needed.  We will follow copyright and fair use policies.  Please see the appropriate section below. 


  • Reserves can be submitted in the same manner they previously were
    • you are encouraged to put the same materials you normally would on reserve
  • The Music Library will start taking reserve requests 4 weeks prior to the start of the semester
    • Please submit no later than 2 weeks before the first week of classes
      • ​Any submissions after this date will not be guaranteed ready for the first week of classes
    • Email
  • Digitization
    • Please carefully consider which materials need to be made available to students
    • Supply a syllabus with the materials needing digitization highlighted. 
      • This allows us to plan ahead and see exactly when materials are needed
    • Any additional scanning beyond what is on the syllabus has a turn around time of at least a week 
      • you will be notified if it is expected to take more than a week.

Please see the Music Faculty LibGuide - Reserves for forms and more information.


If you need class materials, check with your professor first to see if they had it digitized for the course already.  

If it has not been digitized:

  • Please submit a detailed email to that includes:
    • What course (e.g. MUTH 650) 
    • Which instructor
    • Book title (or composition title)
    • Page range (we will not be scanning entire books)
    • Date needed by 
      • expect processing time to take at least a week, so plan ahead
  • Within 48 hours you will receive an email from Kate or Sarah stating if the request can be fulfilled and any other details that may pertain to the request.
  • You can expect an email with the scan or a link to a LibGuide from which the scan can be downloaded. 


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Kate Swope
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