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College of Law
David C. Shapiro Memorial Law Library

Current Awareness Services for Law

About Current Awareness Services for Law

Many of the Law Library's databases and online publications, as well as many law-related websites, have alerting or current awareness services. This guide describes some services available to you at NIU and how to subscribe to and unsubscribe from them.

Please contact any of the Law librarians with questions about which services to use and how to set them up. (Note: Some services are restricted to the students, faculty and/or staff of the College of Law.)

What kind of information is available?

  • Notification when new issues of publications, legal journals & law reviews are available; some services also provide tables of contents.
  • Notification when new search results are available for a search previously run in Westlaw, LexisNexis or other databases.
  • Notification of new court filings, judicial opinions or regulations.

How are updates sent?

  • Most services allow you to receive updates via RSS feed, e-mail, or both.
  • Many companies, organizations, blogs, and conferences also use social networking services such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to send out news and announcements. See the RSS & Social Media tab in this guide for more information.

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