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Textbook Affordability: Resources and Alternatives: Textbook Task Force

Information and resources for both faculty and students to help decrease the cost of textbooks.

Textbook Purchase Recommendation Form

Textbook Task Force

Task Force to Improve Access to Textbooks


  1. Develop a plan for adding textbooks to Founders Library Reserves on a sustainable basis.
  2. Create a resource for NIU faculty about the impact of expensive textbooks on students that includes resources for discovering high quality low cost or free alternatives to textbooks.
  3. Provide information and resources for students about how to find and access their textbooks.
  4. Draft a white paper that summarizes how academic libraries across the spectrum are addressing the high cost of textbooks both independently and in cooperation with other departments within the institution and make recommendations for implementation in the libraries at NIU.


Textbook Task Force Members

Leanne VandeCreek, Associate Dean, Public Services 753-9804
Wayne Finley, Associate Professor and Subject Specialist for Business 753-0991
Larissa Garcia, Assistant Professor and Subject Specialist for Art; Family, Consumer & Nutrition Sciences 753-4822
Kathy Ladell, Assistant Professor and Subject Specialist for Latino & Latin American Studies; Foreign Languages 753-5290
Jim Millhorn, Associate Professor and Subject Specialist for History 753-1054
Nancy Adams, Section Manager, Technical Services 753-1847
Dee Anna Phares, Assistant Professor and Subject Specialist for Psychology;
Leadership, Educational Psychology & Foundations; Juvenile Collection (Chair) 753-1770
Sara Richter, Library Specialist, Print Reserves Processing 753-9813