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Encyclopedias & More: Chemistry

Find specialized academic encyclopedia entries, dictionary definitions and more!


Comprehensive Dictionary of Inorganic Chemistry

By the chief editor & compiler, Warren Carmen. It contains concise as well as lengthy definition for terms, with some terms supplemented with graphics when appropriate.

Hutchinson Pocket Dictionary of Chemistry

Dictionary of concise definitions of terms used in chemistry. 

Hutchinson Trends in Science Chemistry

Overviewed by Keith B. Hutton, this book contains on overview of the history of chemistry and the sciences as well as biographical sketches of the people involved.

Science of Synthesis

This is a balanced and critical reference work, produced by the collaborative efforts of chemists from both industry and academia, selected by the editorial board. All published results from journals, books, and patent literature from the early 1800s until the year of publication are considered by the authors, who are among the leading experts in their field. Provides chemists with the most reliable methods to solve their synthesis problems. Science of Synthesis will be updated periodically and will become a prime source of information for chemists in the 21st century.