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Encyclopedias & More: Allied Health and Communicative Disorders

Find specialized academic encyclopedia entries, dictionary definitions and more!

Allied Health General

Encyclopedia of Health and Aging

This encyclopedia focuses more on health than illness and aging and is aimed at assisting researchers, students, and practitioners working in the fields of medicine, nursing, epidemiology, public health, health services, and related areas.

Encyclopedia of Health and Behavior

The core philosophy of the field of health and behavior is threefold: (1) Behavioral, psychological, emotional, social, cultural, and biological factors are inextricably linked; (2) these factors together affect health; and (3) these factors can be used as avenues for prevention, treatment,and rehabilitation. Research and clinical practice in The Encyclopedia of Health and Behavior is organized in A–Z (alphabetical) to cover that philosophy.

Encyclopedia of Health Care Management

Intended for use by patients, physicians, other providers, employees of health care providers, students of health care, and consumers of health care . Provides A-Z listing of topics.

WetFeet Insider Guide to Careers in Health Care

Defines secondary health care practitioners, gives overview of the industry, kinds of jobs, training needed, expected need of each position and remuneration possible, as well as a sense of the kind of work to be done in the field.


Nurses! Test Yourself in Anatomy and Physiology

This textbook, designed specifically for nurses, provides good outlines for and self-examination in anatomy and physiology.

Paramedics! Test Yourself in Anatomy and Physiology

This textbook, designed specifically for paramedics, provides good outlines for and self-examinations in  anatomy and physiology.

Handy Anatomy Answer Book

In addition to chapters on the body systems, this book includes two introductory chapters: one on “Basic Facts” and another on Biology. 

Human Gross Anatomy

An Outline Text – This book includes a general introduction to anatomy with subsequent chapters organized by body areas.

Systems of Our Body

This book provides an overview of human anatomy in eight chapters, organized by systems in plain language with many illustrations.

Dictionaries & Medical Terminology

Anatomical Terms and Their Derivation

This dictionary of anatomical terms focuses on the Greek and Latin origins of the terms in order to provide the key to understanding anatomical language and to minimize the need for brute memorization. Thus, it is organized by abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes, and then by anatomical area.

Dictionary of Nursing (2nd Edition)

Includes over 11,000 terms clearly defined. This reference tool is great for Nurses and Allied Health professionals, providing a dictionary of current terms in use by health care professionals.


Drug Information Portal

This web site maintained by the National Library of Medicine provides a comprehensive and easy research tool to search drugs on the market, providing both alphabetical browsing tools for categories of drugs and names of drugs. First stop for comprehensive drug information.

Hands-on Guide to Practical Prescribing

This book is for medical practitioners and others who are newcomers to prescribing drugs. Most of this is from a British model, but still helpful for folks in the US.

Medicines Management

This is a great guide for nurses. This is a handbook of essential skills of medicine management for nurses including purchasing, delivery, prescription, administration, and reviewing medications.

Practical Prescribing for Musculoskeletal Practitioners

This ebook provides a convenient guide to drugs and families of drugs for musculoskeletal disorders and diseases that includes information about mechanisms, evidence grading, dosage and contraindications.

Prescription Drug Guide for Nurses

Broken down into 20 chapters on the most commonly administered drug groups with discussions on their actions, indications, methods of administration, adverse effects, cautions, and contraindications.

Communicative Disorders

Aphasia Therapy File

Compilation of articles for practitioners about implementing therapy. 

Encyclopedia of Human Development

Aimed at the naïve (about human development, that is) but educated reader interested in topics within broad term human development. Contains 650 entries, in an A to Z format.

The MIT Encyclopedia of Communication Disorders

Comprehensive source information on communication sciences and disorders, especially disorders that affect the production and comprehension of spoken language. Entries are arranged alphabetically within the four major categories of Voice, Speech, Language, and Hearing.