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Encyclopedias & More: Nursing and Medicine

Find specialized academic encyclopedia entries, dictionary definitions and more!


Anatomy and Physiology 

This handbook and study guide provides body systems chapters on anatomy, as well as a chapter on the biology and physiology of the cell. Includes a pretest and an exam.

Handy Anatomy Answer Book

In addition to chapters on the body systems, this book includes two introductory chapters: one on “Basic Facts” and another on Biology. 

Human Gross Anatomy: An Outline Text

This book includes a general introduction to anatomy and with subsequent chapters organized by body areas.

Nurses! Test Yourself in Anatomy and Physiology

This textbook, designed specifically for nurses, provides good outlines for and self-examination in anatomy and physiology.

Paramedics! Test Yourself in Anatomy and Physiology

This textbook, designed specifically for paramedics, provides good outlines for and self-examinations in  anatomy and physiology.

Systems of Our Body

This book provides an overview of human anatomy in eight chapters, organized by systems in plain language with many illustrations.


Dictionaries & Medical Terminology

Anatomical Terms and Their Derivation

This dictionary of anatomical terms focuses on the Greek and Latin origins of the terms in order to provide the key to understanding anatomical language and to minimize the need for brute memorization. Thus, it is organized by abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes, and then by anatomical area.

Dictionary of Nursing (2nd Edition)

Has over 11,000 terms clearly defined. This reference tool is great for Nurses and Allied Health professionals, providing a dictionary of current terms in use by health care professionals.


Drug Information Portal

This web site maintained by the National Library of Medicine provides a comprehensive and easy research tool to search drugs on the market, providing both alphabetical browsing tools for categories of drugs and names of drugs. First stop for comprehensive drug information.

Medicines Management: A Guide for Nurses

Broken down into 20 chapters on the most commonly administered drug groups with discussions on their actions, indications, methods of administration, adverse effects, cautions, and contraindications.

Practical Prescribing for Musculoskeletal Practitioners

This ebook provides a convenient guide to drugs and families of drugs for musculoskeletal disorders and diseases that includes information about mechanisms, evidence grading, dosage and contraindications.

Medicines Management: A Guide for Nurses

This is a handbook of essential skills of medicine management for nurses including purchasing, delivery, prescription, administration, and reviewing medications.


Dictionary of Public Health

“Covering all aspects of public health, this book serves as both a quick and handy reference tool and a vehicle for more leisurely browsing. The Dictionary of Public Health is an alphabetical listing of almost 5,000 words and phrases used in public health science and practice. It offers definitions, discussion, and an occasional brief commentary on the relevance of each term to people and their health. This volume is a trusted resource for answers to questions that arise in the course of public health practice, whether in the office or in the field, in interactions with the public or with the media. “ By  John M Last, Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Ottawa.


Encyclopedia of Aging and Public Health


Begins with five large articles on the foundational issues of aging, i.e., Biology of Aging, Demographic characteristics of the US population, legal issues, research about cognitive impairment, and healthcare competencies needed to meet needs of an aging population. These articles are followed by an A to Z listing of topics about aging.  


Encyclopedia of Cancer and Society


This encyclopedia has 750 entries about topics relating cancer to epidemiology.

Encyclopedia of Epidemiology

Designed to include every major topic related to epidemiology, this encyclopedia includes over 500 articles. Also provides many cross references, and a Readers Guide that breaks these articles into 14 major categories.

Encyclopedia of Public Health

Provides an A to  Z listing of subjects with definitions, cross reference links, and a listing of 23 major topics. 

Patty's Toxicology

            "Patty's has served occupational health and toxicology professionals for over 50 years. "


Nursing Skills

Foundations of Nursing

An integrated approach, This book sees nursing skills as poised in the intersection of “essential knowledge and practical understanding.” The book is broken into three major sections: the role of nursing, body systems, and nursing in practice.

Handbook of Bacteriology 

What is Bacteriology?

Handbook of Clinical Skills

This handbook privileges taking patient histories, examinations, and simple procedures as keys to a good nursing practice. To teach these skills, it is broken down into a chapter on patient history and examination followed by body systems. 

Handbook of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience  

Nelson, Charles Alexander.

Research & Evidence-Based Practice

Encyclopedia of Nursing Research

This 800+ page resource provides a comprehensive guide to current nursing research, with topics listed in alphabetical order.

Healthcare Research: A Handbook for Students and Practitioners

This book provides an overview of  the history, the theory, and practical methods for research in healthcare.   

Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice

Implementation and Translation: provides guidance on planning for EBP, identification, measurement monitoring and evaluation of outcomes, translation into practice techniques, and dissemination of findings.