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Encyclopedias & More: Engineering and Technology

Find specialized academic encyclopedia entries, dictionary definitions and more!

Electrical Engineering

Comprehensive Semiconductor Science and Technology 

This source captures the breadth of this important field, and presents it in a single source to the large audience who study, make, and exploit semiconductors. Written and edited by a truly international team of experts, this work delivers an objective yet cohesive global review of the semiconductor world.

Electrical Engineering: A Pocket Reference 

This essential pocket reference offers a well-organized resource for accessing the basic electrical engineering knowledge professionals and students need for their work and provides a quick and easy way to grasp fundamental principles and their applications. 

Microelectronics Failure Analysis: Desk Reference (6th ed.)

This updated reference book, prepared by experts in their fields, contains dozens of articles covering a wide range of topics involving the failure analysis of microelectronics. It places the most important and up-to-date information on this subject at your fingertips.

Practical Electronics Handbook (6th ed.)

This handbook combines a wealth of useful day-to-day electronics information, concise explanations, and practical guidance to anyone involved in electronics design and construction. The compact collection of key data, fundamental principles, and circuit design basics provides an ideal reference for a wide range of students, enthusiasts, technicians, and practitioners of electronics who have progressed beyond the basics.

The Electrical Engineering Handbook Wai-Kai Chen

Handbook of Nanoscience, Engineering, and Technology William Goddard



Industrial Engineering

Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science

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Provides an authoritative single source for understanding and applying the concepts of complexity theory together with the tools and measures for analyzing complex systems in all fields of science and engineering.

Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

With more than 400 entries, this encyclopedia presents a thorough overview of the cross-disciplinary field of industrial and organizational psychology for students, researchers, and professionals in the areas of psychology, business, management, and human resources.  

Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics

The assessment and the use of measurement and statistics have become integral parts of almost every activity undertaken. The ideas and tools contained in this encyclopedia are approachable and can be invaluable for understanding a very technical world and the increasing flow of information.

Engineering Statistics Handbook

Major features include: Engineering question orientation, Practical problem-solving approach, Graphics approach, Real data sets and case studies taken from semiconductor manufacturing and other industries, and Interactive capability for users to run case studies and analyze their own data using DataPlotTM (NIST downloadable software).  Other software examples are also included. 

Internet of Things and Data Analytics Handbook

Handbook of Big Data Analytics






Mechanical Engineering

Knovel - Engineering Data and Technical References to Solve Engineering Problems 

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Mechanical Engineers' Handbook: Materials and Engineering Mechanics  Myer Kutz, editor

Mechanical Engineers' Handbook: Manufacturing and Management Myer Kutz, editor

Mechanical Design Engineering Handbook  Peter Childs

Handbook of Modern Sensors: Physics, Designs, and Applications  Jacob Fraden

Encyclopedia of Biomedical Engineering 


The Oxford Handbook of Project Management

This handbook presents and discusses leading ideas in the management of projects, drawing on the insights of over 40 scholars to chart the development of the subject over the last 50 years as an area of increasing practical and academic interest. 

Reliability Models for Engineers and Scientists  Mark P. Kaminskiy

Science, Technology, and Society: an Encyclopedia  Sal P. Restivo

This source contains over 130 A to Z signed articles written by major scholars and experts from academic and scientific institutions and institutes worldwide. It emphasizes an interdisciplinary and international coverage of the functions and effects of science and technology in society and culture. Each article is accompanied by a selected bibliography.

Wiley Handbook of Science and Technology for Homeland Security, 2010

This Handbook focuses on key issues that can disrupt or damage a nation, its people and economy, science and technological ideas, and tools that can assist in detecting, preventing, mitigating, recovering, and repairing the effects of such insecurities. 

Handbook of Human Factors and E Safety and Health  D, Koradeckargonomics  Gavriel Salvendy

Handbook of Occupational Safety and Health  D. Koradecka