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Encyclopedias & More: Latino and Latin American Studies

Find specialized academic encyclopedia entries, dictionary definitions and more!

Latin & Latin American Studies

Columbia History of Latinos in the United States Since 1960

Eight chapters look at the shift in meaning of the term “community,“ examine the background of specific segments of the Hispanic population (Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Central Americans, and South Americans), and examine specific topics, such as the work of transnational corporations, religion, and Latinos in American political life up to 2003.

Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics: Volume 2, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans 

Part of a larger reference work in political science, this volume offers 250 pages of data on the Hispanic American political history (including the full text of ten major documents from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries), with data on the Hispanic members of the House of Representatives and the Senate and major Hispanic organizations.

Encyclopedia of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement  

This work provides comprehensive and readable coverage of the major figures, events, and political documents from the Texas revolt of 1836 to 1999. Beginning researchers will find the introduction useful for background.

Hispanic New York: A Sourcebook

A detailed and readable example of the expanding pool of works on the history of local Hispanic communities.

Historical Dictionary of Latin American Literature and Theater  

Covering the genres of theater and literature produced in Latin America from the sixteenth to the early twenty-first century, this massive work offers readers and researchers alike a sold point of reference on all major and less well known writers, works, and aesthetic movements. The chronology uses the accounts of the 1429 voyage of Colon as the beginning of the genre. Readers will find the introduction useful for background and a discussion of the definition of Latin America.

HLAS Online: Handbook of Latin American Studies

Latin and American and online! The Handbook of Latin American Studies has been produced by the Library of Congress since 1936 and alternates each year in examining publications from the region in both the social sciences and the humanities. The database is easy to search, but the bibliographic records for each entry do not have links to online full-text. Researchers should determine the titles needed and search for electronic editions.

Latin American Travelogues

Based at Brown University, this page is an evolving product of its Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. It provides access to a full-text collection of travel accounts on the nations and regions of Latin America written between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. Browsing is offered by country or region.

Latinas in the United States: A Historical Encyclopedia

Part of the expanding body of research on Hispanic women, this work opens with a valuable background essay on the historical and regional presence of Latinas, both nationally and by geographic region. Each entry provides a list of sources for further investigation.

Notable Latino Americans: A Biographical Dictionary

This volume describes the lives of 127 Hispanic women and men who have made major contributions to North American and world culture. Groups represented are Cuban Americans,  Mexican Americans, and Puerto Ricans, and each entry provides titles for further research.