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Counseling: Tests and Measures

Links to the best library resources in Counseling (COUN) at Northern Illinois University

Tests and Measures

Finding tests and measures is challenging

  • Many tests are are owned by test companies that charge to use their tests
  • Some tests can only be purchased/used by licensed professionals
  • Some tests are discussed or published in books or journal articles, but full text is not discoverable without contacting the author directly

Find reviews or information about tests

Find tests in journal articles

Some authors will include copies (or abridged copies) of the tests they used in the journal articles they publish. They will also often discuss the test itself and any limitations, or changes they made.

  • PsycInfo: Search for your topic and add "appended" as a new search field for "tm: Tests & Measures"
  • ERIC: Search for your topic, and under "Publication Type", select "Tests /Questionnaires"

Find full text of tests

It's not always possible to find the full text of an instrument. Try these tips:

  • Google the test to see if it's commercially available or if the author has given permission to use it
  • Search databases for an appended copy of the test (see Find tests in journal articles above)
  • Contact the author with a short email explaining who you are, and why you're interested in their test. They may deny your request, but it's worth a shot.