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Class Visits to Rare Books and Special Collections: The Medieval Book

Lists of materials for specific classes that have visited RBSC. Click on the tabs for your subject areas

The Medieval Book

These are materials held in RBSC that serve as examples of the process of making (and selling) medieval manuscripts. Students have an opportunity to learn the proper handling of early materials. To request a class visit, please email the Curator.

The Real Thing

Medieval Manuscript Leaves These illuminated leaves, encased in mylar for safe handling, provide a glimpse into manuscript production for a variety of works from 1150 to the early 1400s.

Vellum Manuscript, ca. 1200. Rare Oversize PA8200.A1 .V444 1200A  This vellum manuscript, which was originally part of a binding, allows students to feel actual 13th century vellum, and to examine it close up without worry of damage to materials.

Hardouyn, Egidius,Hardouyn, Germain,eds. Hore Diue Virginis Marie: Secu[n]dum Vsum Romanum Cum Aliis Multis Folio Sequenti Notatis Vnacum Figuris Apocalipsis & Multis Figuris Biblie Nouiter Insertis. Parisius nouiter impressum : Opera Egidii Hardouyn ... Dionisii De Carcere ... Et Germani Hardouyn ..., [1510?. Print. Rare Books Collection BX2080 .C37 1510a

Available Facsimiles:

The Luttrell psalter : a facsimile / commentary by Michelle P. Brown. London : The British Library, 2006. Fine Arts Collection ND3357.L8 L86 2006a

The Ellesmere Facsimile of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. (1995 facsimile of ca. 1400 manuscript) NIU's copy if this illuminated facsimile is bound in an early fifteenth-century-type binding of oak boards and quarter leather. Rare Books Oversize PR1866 .W76 1995a

Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, 1194-1250. The art of falconry : being the De arte venandi cum avibus of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen / translated and edited by Casey A. Wood & F. Marjorie Fyfe. Boston, Mass. : C.T. Branford Co., 1955, c1943. Book Arts Collection.SK321 .F87 1955a

Bodleian Library. Manuscript Bodley 764. Book of beasts : a facsimile of MS Bodley 764 / introduction by Christopher de Hamel. Oxford : Bodleian Library, 2008. Book Arts Collection. PR275.B47 H36 2008a

Vespasian psalter. The Vespasian Psalter. British Museum, Cotton Vespasian AA.I. Ed. by David H. Wright. With a contribution on the gloss by Alistair Campbell. Early English manuscripts in facsimile. v. 14. Copenhagen: Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1967. Known as the Vespasian psalter, the composite ms. contains the Psalms followed by a collection of various texts, some of them pertaining to Catholic liturgy. Latin and Anglo-Saxon; editorial matter in English. Rare Books Collection BX2033 .A4 1967

Testa, Judith Anne, 1943- The Beatty rosarium : a manuscript with miniatures by Simon Bening / Judith Anne Testa. Doornspijk, The Netherlands : Davaco Publishers, c1986.Rare Books Collection BT306.48.B423 T48 1986A

Vercelli book. The Vercelli Book : a late tenth-century manuscript containing prose and verse, Vercelli Biblioteca Capitolare CXVII / edited by Celia Sisam. Early English manuscripts in facsimile. v. 19. Copenhagen : Rosenkilde and Bagger,1976. Rare Books Oversize PR1495 .A11976

Blickling homilies. The Blickling homilies, the John H. Scheide library, Titusville, Pennsylvania. Edited by Rudolph Willard. Early English manuscripts in facsimile. v.10. Copenhagen: Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1960. Rare Books Oversize PR1590 .A11960

Catholic Church. Psalter (Paris Psalter) The Paris psalter : Ms. Bibliothèque nationale fonds Latin 8824 / pref. by various contributors ; collected by Bertram Colgrave. Early English manuscripts in facsimile. v. 8. Copenhagen : Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1958. "The Paris Psalter contains in the left hand column of each page a Latin text of the Psalter. For the first fifty psalms the right hand column gives a West-Saxonprose paraphrase, and forthe rest of the Psalter it is filled by an Anglo-Saxon metrical version."--p. 15. Rare Books Oversize PR1757 .P71958

Læce boc. Bald's Leechbook (British Museum Royal manuscript 12D. xvii) Edited by C. E. Wright. With an appendix by Randolph Quirk. Early English manuscripts in facsimile. v. 5. Copenhagen: Rosenkilde and Bagger; [Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press] 1955. Rare Books Oversize Z115Z .L2

Beowulf. The Thorkelin transcripts of Beowulf in facsimile. Edited by Kemp Malone. Early English manuscripts in facsimile. v. 1. Copenhagen: Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1951. Rare Books Oversize PR1580 .M31951

Bede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735. Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum. Anglo-Saxon.The Tanner Bede : the Old English version of Bede's Historia ecclesiastica, Oxford Bodleian library Tanner 10, together with the mediaeval binding leaves, Oxford Bodleian library Tanner 10* and the Domitian extracts, London British Library Cotton Domitian A IX Fol. 11 /edited by Janet Bately. Early English manuscripts in facsimile. v. 24. Copenhagen: Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1992. Rare Books Oversize BR746 .B44 1992A

Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400. Works. 1979.Poetical works : a facsimile of Cambridge University Library MS Gg. 4.27 / Geoffrey Chaucer ; with introductions by M. B. Parkes & Richard Beadle. Norman, Okla.: Pilgrim Books, 1979- Rare Books Oversize PR1850 1979

Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400. The Ellesmere Chaucer reproduced in facsimile.Manchester, The University press, 1911. Rare Books Oversize Z115 .ZC4

British Library. Manuscript. Cotton Tiberius B.V. Pt. 1. An eleventh-century Anglo-Saxon Illustrated miscellany : British Library Cotton Tiberius B.V. part I : together with leaves from British Library Cotton Nero D.II.edited by P. McGurk ... [et al.]. Early English manuscripts in facsimile ; v.21. Copenhagen : Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1983. Rare Books Oversize PR1500.C67 E41983A

Bakhaila M¯ik¯a`el. The Book of the mysteries of the heavens and the earth and other works of Bakhayla Mîkâ`êl (Zôsîmâs); the Ethiopic texts edited from the unique manuscript (Éth. 37 Peiresc) in the Bibliothèque Nationale, with English translations by Sir E. A. Wallis Budge; with photo-lithographic reproductions of the texts. London:Oxford university press, H. Milford, 1935. Rare Books Collection BX125 .B3

Jenkinson, Hilary, Sir. The later court hands in England from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century, illustrated from the Common paper of the Scriveners'Company of London, the English writing masters, and the public records. New York: Ungar [1969] Rare Books Oversize Z115.E5J57 1969

Rand, Edward Kennard, 1871- . A survey of the manuscripts of Tours. The Mediaeval academy of America. Publication no.3. Studies in the script of Tours, 1. Cambridge, Mass., Mediaeval Academy of America, 1929. Rare Books Oversize Z115 .FR3

Orosius, Paulus. The Tollemache Orosius (British Museum Additional manuscript 47967) edited by Alistair Campbell. Early English manuscripts in facsimile. v. 3. Copenhagen:Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1953. Rare Books Oversize PA6518 .O81953

Nowell codex. The Nowell codex; British Museum Cotton Vitellius A. XV,second ms., edited by Kemp Malone.Early English manuscripts in facsimile. v. 12. Copenhagen: Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1963. The Nowell codex contains five works: a fragment of an English life of St. Christopher, the Wonders of the East, Alexander's Letter to Aristotle, Beowulf, and Judith. Rare Books Oversize PR1505 .B7

Bible. N.T. Gospels. Latin. Durham Gospels. The Durham Gospels together with fragments of a Gospel Book in uncial. Durham, Cathedral Library, MS A.II.17 edited by Christopher D. Verey, T. Julian Brown, Elizabeth Coatsworth ; with an appendix by Roger Powell. Early English manuscripts in facsimile. v. 20. Copenhagen : Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1980. Facsimile of Latin Gospels in insular semi-uncials and minuscules probably written ca. 690 at Lindisfarne; with fragments of uncial Gospels probably written ca. 716 at Wearmouth. Some details of ornament in color. With commentaries in English on text, palaeography, decoration, binding, and restoration. Rare Books Oversize Oversize BS2552.D8 V4 

Bede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735. The Leningrad Bede; an eighth century manuscript of the Venerable Bede's Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum in the Public Library, Leningrad. Edited by O. Arngart.Early English manuscripts in facsimile. Other Name: Gosudarstvennaia publichnaia biblioteka imeni M.E. Saltykova-Shchedrina. Mss. (Lat. Q. v. I. 18) v. 2. Copenhagen: Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1952. Rare Books Oversize BR746 .B51953

The Copenhagen Wulfstan collection. Copenhagen Kongelige Bibliotek Gl. kgl. sam. 1595. Edited by James E.Cross, Jennifer Morrish Tunberg.Early English manuscripts in facsimile. v. 25. Manuscript associated with Archbishop Wulfstan and bearing his annotations. Texts in Latin or Anglo-Saxon; commentary in English. Copenhagen : Rosenkilde and Bagger ; Baltimore : John Hopkins University Press, 1993. Rare Books Oversize BX880 .C6641993A

British Library. Manuscript. Stowe 944. The Liber vitae of the New Minster and Hyde Abbey Winchester : British Library Stowe 944, together with leaves from British Library Cotton Vespasian A. VIII and British Library Cotton Titus D. XXVII. Edited by Simon Keynes.Early English manuscripts in facsimile. v. 26. Manuscript text in Latin. Copenhagen : Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1996. Rare Books Oversize Z115.E5 B7571996A

The Épinal, Erfurt, Werden, and Corpus glossaries. Edited by Bernhard Bischoff ... [et al.]. Early English manuscripts in facsimile. v. 22. Copenhagen : Rosenkilde and Bagger, 1988. Contents: Épinal Bibliothèque municipale 72 (2) -- Erfurt Wissenschaftliche Bibliothek Amplonianus 2° 42 -- Düsseldorf Universitätsbibliothek Fragm. K 19: Z 9/1 -- Munich Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Cgm. 187 III (e.4) --Cambridge Corpus Christi College 144. Rare Books Oversize PE274.A5 E64 1988A

Codex Colombino. [Mixtec hieroglyphic manuscript]. Facsim. reproduction; original consists of 24 sections 20 x 26cm."Three Mixtec historical codices--Colombino, Bodley, and the Nuttall reverse--present the same general biography of the ruler 8-Deer." Issued in wooden case with volume of commentary and interpretation. México:Sociedad Mexicana de Antropología,[1966]. Rare Books Oversize F1219.C637 X1966

The Codex Mendoza. Ed. by Frances F. Berdan and Patricia Rieff Anawalt. Berkeley : University of California Press, c1992. Contents: v. 1. Interpretation of Codex Mendoza. -- v. 2. Description of Codex Mendoza. -- v. 3. A facsimile reproduction of Codex Mendoza. -- v. 4. Pictorial parallel image replicas of Codex Mendoza, with transcriptions and translations of the Spanish commentaries and translations of the Spanish glosses. Vol. 1 contains revised versions of six papers originally presented at a symposium organized at the International Congress of Americanists held in Manchester, England. Special Oversize Book Arts F1219.56.C625 C641992A

Clovio, Giulio, 1498-1578. The Farnese hours : the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York introduction and commentaries by Webster Smith. New York : G. Braziller, [1976] Facsim. of the pages from ms. M 69, Pierpont Morgan Library, with illuminations by Giulio Clovio, ca. 1537-1546. In part with the text of the Hours in Latin. Book Arts Collection ND2895.N485 P5

Cloisters (Museum). Les belles heures du Duc de Berry, introduction by James J. Rorimer ; notes by Margaret B. Freeman. London : Thames and Hudson, [1959?] Rare Books Collection ND3363.B5 N48 1959a

The Book of Kells : reproductions from the manuscript in Trinity College, Dublin with a study of the manuscript by Françoise Henry. 1st American ed. New York : Knopf, 1974. Book Arts Collection Oversize ND 3359.B7 S8 1974

The Lorsch Gospels. New York : George Braziller, Publisher, 1967. Book Arts Collection Oversize BS 2552 L6 B713

Bible. Manuscripts, Latin. O.T. Psalms. The Stuttgart Psalter, Biblia folio 23, Wuerttembergische landesbibliothek, Stuttgart. Illuminated manuscripts of the middle ages [Princeton] Pub. for the Dept. of art and archaeology of Princeton university, 1930- Rare Books Collection ND3357.S7 A3

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