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Rare Books and Special Collections At Northern Illinois University: Horatio Alger Collection

A brief guide to Rare Books and Special Collections at Northern Illinois University

Horatio Alger Jr. Collections

The Horatio Alger Collection

The Horatio Alger Collection at Northern Illinois University is the world's most comprehensive collection of materials by this best-selling boys' series writer, numbering over 4,000 volumes. This collection contains most first, hard-cover, soft-cover, and variant editions; serialized titles; manuscripts; letters; and the archives of the Horatio Alger Society. Some of these materials have been digitized, and are available through our Horatio Alger Digital Repository.

The NIU Libraries created this collection from materials already held in other collections shortly after the Horatio Alger Society selected the NIU Libraries as their official repository in 1994. Since then, our holdings have grown through purchases and through donations from members of the Horatio Alger Society. This collection complements our American Popular Literature, Albert Johannsen, Edward T. LeBlanc, Frank Merriwell, and Edward Stratemeyer collections.

Research in this collection is eligible for financial support through the annual Horatio Alger Fellowship for the Study of American Popular Culture.

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